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Sumatera Riau Workshop II

by Yerry Nikholas Borang August 18, 2012
This January, we’re back again in Riau to visit our ASTEKI partner Gurindam12, and some members of the student campus press group who run Bahanamahasiswa.com

sumatera-riau-workshop2To kick off the productive year ahead, EngageMedia met up for the second time with Gurindam12, our ASTEKI partners in Riau, Indonesia, to discuss and share more about online video distribution and subtitling.

As we've mentioned in our report on the last workshop in Riau, the Gurindam12 group utilizes video and new media to cover and address many issues surrounding this vast area in the middle of Sumatra, ranging from the rapidly growing rate of deforestation to the loss of much of Riau's unique culture.

Our 5-day workshop with them began with exploring
FTP for the stable uploading of files and Handbrake, for efficiently compressing video. The several technical discussions helped everyone to re-cap and gain a better understanding of how best to work with and distribute online video.

sumatra-riau-workshop2-1With the help of Seelan (our new Video Lingua Coordinator), we had a session on how to use Universal Subtitles for collaborative, online subtitling and translation. We also went through the capabilities and benefits of the EngageMedia team page on Universal Subtitles, which we encourage all of you to join. Here's a recent video that's been subtitled using Universal Subtitles. Check it out, and please add more translations to it to help more people understand it's important content.

As luck would have it, this workshop coincided with some major developments on the EngageMedia site. We’ve succesfully upgraded our site to HTML5 and added direct subtitling capabilities for videos via Universal Subtitles. Since last December, we’ve also built and expanded our server in Indonesia, to help local viewers access our site faster.

We closed this workshop with an added video shooting and editing session that emerged out of the spontaneous exchange of ideas between Gurindam12 and ourselves. One of results of the session is viewable here, and many more should be up soon!

Check out our previous blogpost about Riau Workshop I

Help Videomakers for Change get to Camp Sambel

by Andrew January 13, 2012
Next month, EngageMedia’s Camp Sambel will host more than 50 Southeast Asian video activists for five days of video training, screenings and discussion near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The response to this year’s event however has been overwhelming. We will have to turn away some fantastic people if we can’t raise at least $2500 (and hopefully more) for the Camp Sambel Travel Fund. We need your help!

From February 20-25, video activists from all over Indonesia, East Timor, the Philippines, Southern Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia will meet to share skills, network and learn how to get their message out through increasingly popular video sharing technologies.

EngageMedia, working with KOMAS, will cover the travel costs of more than 40 camp participants but we can't bring everyone that deserves to be there.

You can contribute and find out more by going to http://www.pozible.com/index.php/archive/index/4673/description/0/0

Citizens right across the Asia Pacific still struggle for justice on a daily basis - from human rights abuses in West Papua, Southern Thailand and the Philippines, to environmental destruction in Borneo or the widespread exploitation and abuse of migrant workers.

Taking inspiration from the Arab Spring, activists from across the region have recognised the power of video and new technologies to bring about change.

You can help them get their stories to the world by donating to the Camp Sambel Travel Fund!

Find out more about Camp Sambel here.

We're Hiring - Migrant Worker/Dispatches Project Coordinator

by Andrew January 06, 2012
EngageMedia is looking for a strong, dynamic and creative individual to lead 2 new projects; a Southeast Asia migrant worker video training, production and distribution initiative, and a series of video 'Dispatches', issue based online and DVD compilations.

The Migrant Worker Project will engage ten Indonesian migrant workers based in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to build their video communication skills to highlight their lives and conditions. The participants will learn video production and distribution skills and contribute to a DVD/online compilation to be used as an education and organising tool.

Dispatches are a series of 25 minute, issue based compilations for distribution online, DVD and most importantly to television stations. Each edition will engage an expert partner organisation on the issue and employ hybrid distribution practices to reach new audiences with human rights and social justice content.

For full details go to http://www.engagemedia.org/jobs/migrant-dispatches-project-coordinator

Subtitles and html5

by Andrew January 05, 2012

We made some big updates to EngageMedia in December going live with Universal Subtitles and html5 video support.

You can now view and subtitle any EngageMedia video online using the Universal Subtitles. Html5 video support means pages load faster, videos can be played on more devices and we are no longer reliant on proprietary Flash software.

We'll be going live with a subtitle and translation community project in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more on that.

Other key improvements include

  • play count on videos is now counted when the video is played embedded on another site
  • videos are available for download in multiple (5) formats, including low and high resolution quality
  • better and more reliable support for 16:9 video
  • sort and find videos by language

Full details on the Plumi Blog.

"Papuan Stories, by Papuans, for all of you" - Papuan Voices Human Rights Day Screening

by Enrico Aditjondro August 21, 2012
It was raining and traffic was bad. It was far, and people were already busy with their own agendas. It was noisy, dirty and cops were everywhere. But on December 10, 2011 Human Rights Day, folks in Jakarta, Jayapura and Arso in West Papua), joined Papuan video activists to watch and discuss Papuan Voices videos.

Papuan Voices is a collaborative project of EngageMedia and Catholic Church groups JPIC and SKP KC. It is a combination of empowerment and production. Since early 2011, together with video activists in Jayapura and Merauke, the project has produced over 20 short videos, from the culture of eating 'pinang', doing the traditional Bilogai handshake, to the plight of the Malind tribesmen to survive in 'Ironic Survival' .


On Human Rights Day 2011, Papuan Voices showcased five videos in Jakarta, Arso and Jayapura. There were two videos from the border village of Wambes, Arso (Jayapura) - What Mama Kasmira Wants and The Hope of the Cendrawasih Children, one video from the Jayapura market - Awin Meke (My Mother), and two videos from Merauke - the culture struggle in Coconut Trees that Bear Jerry Cans, and an estranged woman's love in a border village in Surat Cinta Kepada Sang Prada (Love Letter to the Soldier).

Black Wissel

In Jakarta, the screening was held in Neo Journalism Club, Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara. About 100 people packed the little cafe. Aside from the main screening, the event was also a showcase of Papuan culture, where Gorby the Rastaman combined reggae and Papuan music, and dance/theatre group the Black Wissel played a drama about how Papuans struggle with their identities.

In Arso, SKP KC held a screening and discussion in a church filled with over 50 villagers, including the people featured in the videos. They laughed when they saw themselves, and angered when seeing the injustice. In Jayapura, video activists organised a screening in the indigenous market in the City of Jayapura. It was an emotional roller-coaster ride as the market traders, mostly women, watched in anger of their plight for justice in their video Awin Meke, and saddened to see the fate of Maria Goreti in Surat Cinta Kepada Sang Prada.

There are more videos to be made through the Papuan Voices project, and more screenings to be organised. But as the year closed, violence and injustice did not stop in Papua. As one of the Papua Voices video activist FX Making said: "The problem in Papua is more than just about the Morning Star flag. People in Indonesia and the international community must know this.This is why I choose video activism in this struggle."