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EM-ASTEKI: Get Creative!

by Yerry Nikholas Borang August 16, 2012
As a part of our recent ASTEKI TV Network training we subtitled the Creative Commons video "Get Creative" into Indonesian.

CCASTEKI has undreds of videos that are distributed both online and via TV. The issue of course emerges, how to protect their work from hands of big coorporation and commercial use, but also allow non-profit and activist organisations make use of it.

As a part of our Training of Trainers on Creative Commons we showed the video "Get Creative" which briefly explains Creative Commons. We subtitled the video into Indonesian using http://www.universalsubtitles.org, and we want to share it with you here now.

You can find the video at http://www.universalsubtitles.org/en/videos/mYGhdm0Vr2VH/info/Get%20Creative/

Creative Commons is very appropriate because it is complementary to already existing copyrights, and opesn up vast opportunities for the dissemination ASTEKI's production, especially given their social goals.

Plumi article @ Greek magazine 'Linux Inside'

by Andrew July 05, 2011

A four page article about the Plumi video sharing system has been published in the June edition of the Greek Linux Inside magazine.

linuxinsidelogo.pngPlumi is a project founded by EngageMedia, now developed in collaboration with the Greek based Unweb.me

The article “Make a video portal with Plumi” covers the installation of Plumi and contains an overview of what you can do with the system, plus lots of extra tricks.

Linux Inside is a Greek magazine about Linux and open source, featuring high quality original articles in the Greek language .

Refresh your Greek and read the article here!

Thanks Markos!


Online Distribution Training in Bogor

by Yerry Nikholas Borang August 21, 2012
Hiii... This month we come back again to the rainy city, Bogor to meet and learn some methods and techniques on online distribution with our patner ASTEKI.

At the moment, ASTEKI, an Indonesian local television association consist of six tv stations in Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua, and five online news centres in Bogor, Kalimantan, Makasar, Pekanbaru and Jambi. For now, most of ASTEKI’s member operating in many capital in many different provinces in Indonesia. But they’re also working with community media in small villages or remote areas.

Currently they are focusing on television broadcast, with an increasing focus on the development of an online news bureau. From 4-7 of July, we'll working closely at Training of Trainer workshop on online video distribution with participants from ASTEKI secretariat and one of their key news agency in Bogor, Kotahujan.com. Currently the Asteki network lacks skills in digital video distribution and are not taking full advantage of what the technologies have offer to share their content. Presently, members distribute video via DVD and online by downloading content from YouTube and Daily Motion. This content is of low-resolution and is not ideal for TV broadcast; DVD distribution on the other hand is slow, takes significant human resources and is costly.

Currently Asteki do not have the capacity to host large video files online for rebroadcast. EngageMedia will train Asteki members in digital video distribution technologies and strategies, towards establishment as the primary host of Kota Hujan and Asteki's content (including hosting high-resolution, broadcast ready content) and the production of an offline video database for the hosting of high-resolution content offline. This will include the training local technologists to maintain and modify this system. Overall we hope we can provide a replicable model for the strategic, low-cost hybridisation of on and offline video technologies; new ways to harness the power of both old and new media, combining both network and broadcast technologies to develop critical social engagement with human rights and environmental issues.

Click here for our report from last workshop with ASTEKI.

'At Stake' is now available with English subtitles

by Enrico Aditjondro August 15, 2012
Kalyana Shira's 'At Stake' series are now available with English subtitles on EngageMedia.

AT STAKE is a brave and eye-opening documentary tackling taboo issues that many women are facing in the world's most populous Islamic country. Kalyana Shira has published the series on EngageMedia previously, however we have updated the collection with English subtitles for non Indonesian speakers.

At StakeFor those unfamiliar with At Stake, it is the result of PROJECT CHANGE!, a master class documentary workshop, in which four projects from five emerging filmmakers were selected and produced in an anthology format. The topics range from female genital mutilation, the conflict over a woman's marital status and her access to reproductive health services, sex workers, female migrant workers, and the difficulties of being a lesbian in Indonesian society.

See find the individual subtitled versions here.