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EngageMedia in NY at Open Subtitles Summit

by Andrew August 18, 2012

EngageMedia is participating in the Open Subtitles Design Summit in New York this week.

The two day event, organised by the Participatory Culture Foundation, kicked off today with more than 40 people from a diverse range of organisations - from the hearing impaired to web start ups to media activist organisations, with people coming from across the US, India, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, UK, France and several more locations.

The geeks

The event is being held in a rather spectacular location, on the 12th floor on a building in SoHo - see photo.

The event view

The day started with the ever enjoyable meet and greet activities as run by facilitors Aspiration. Sessions were quite fluidly organised but highly collaborative. Sessions ranged from introductions to html5, legal issues with subtitling/captioning, captioning & search, standards in subtitling/captioning, quality assurance and a host of other breakout sessions including standard tech and user needs, crowd sourcing subtitle contributions, metadata and all manner of other geekiness.


EngageMedia is looking at adding subtitling to the site soon (hopefully early next year), ideally using Universal Subtitles which is looking like an increasingly fantastic system.

Full details of the event can be found on the wiki: http://subsummit.universalsubtitles.org/index.php?title=Main_Page

Twitter tag: http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23subsummit
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/subsummit/

Makassar Tour Photo Collection

by Nova Ruth August 18, 2012
Photo collection of EngageMedia tour to Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. We were doing a series of online video distribution workshops with local independent film makers and social justice and environmental organisations.


small on big comp
Anata's tiny laptop on EM-laptop
day 1 participants
this is our first day participants. consist of young independent film maker, also two faces from camp Sambel. Anata from ForFilm and Eva from Kiri Depan.




Jurnal Celebes
enter Jurnal Celebes' space
JC strategy
Jurnal Celebes' distribution strategy and online/offline tools discussion
solidarity poster in Jurnal Celebes
handbrake session. Aan looks serious in his first experience of Ubuntu
ai dan nova
two ladies is in the house!




'the boss needs you, you don't need the boss' - mayday sticker on laptop
yerry explaining online/offline distro
warung kopi
warung kopi with fast internet and a projector :)
on and off
brain storming online/offline distro


watch the screen
the screening begin
Unhas participants seriously watch the video
Makassar faces :)
soto ayam
soto ayam for break fast


rumah kamu peeps
Imran, Happy and Windah from Rumah Kamu
handbrake session
Imran taking photo while handbrake doing its job
Imran excitedly explained what's on his mind during the workshop
Yerry interviewed Windah


Insights from a CC.au Roadshow

by Andrew Garton — August 21, 2012
Andrew Garton participated on a panel at Creative Commons Australia's national roadshow at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne.

It was a drizzly morning as I entered the side passage into the State Library's conference and meeting room facilities, its hidden facades a brace of hoardings, undergoing yet another face lift.

An attendant asked whether I was here for the Creative Commons Roadshow. He pointed me to a room directly ahead of me. As I walked towards it he had me change direction entirely, leading me into another meeting room that left me some what disorientated and curious as to what all that was about.

I entered as Brian Fitzgerald opened the day with a brief introduction of the agenda and an over view of Creative Commons. Attendance was a lot lower than I had anticipated for a national event. Given we were in the heart of Melbourne's literary and learning culture, the fifty or so persons that braved the drizzle seemed poor evidence of the interest I have known to flourish for Creative Commons in this town, if not much of the cultural centres of the State.

That aside, the day introduced me to projects and advances in the use of CC licenses that were fresh and encouraging. For example, I was very impressed with the extent to which Magnatune have gone to provide a range of licensing options, clearly described, for the music available from it. Not just about CC, but integrating the licenses with a range of uses such as telephone hold music, public space music for retail stores and galleries.

From the various presentations, John Jacob's ABC Pool and Blaise Murphet's PLATFORM: Journal of Media and Communication, emphasis on the searchability of CC licenses is proving increasingly critical in providing more direct access to content for the use producers and publishers intend.

Another interesting factor in the use of CC was how much it lowered administrative overheads at the ABC. When ever material from The Pool is broadcast the licenses provide so much clarity in terms of the reuse of content, there is less for admin staff to do in terms of ensuring clearance of numerous rights.

CC.au's Elliott Bledsoe's presentation highlighter broader application of the CC API towards more dynamic collation of content from various sources. For instance, I was impressed with content from Flickr can be searched by license and colour. I wondered how such ideas could be applied to EngageMedia, knowing too the difficulty facing researchers and engineers in the search-ability of video.

The entire Roadshow was tweeted with some further insights available at #CCRdShow10. Found someone had quoted me as saying, “I don't want to spend my time responding to [permission] requests, I'd rather play my guitar in the bush.” Thanks @peterneish.

I've been told presentations materials from all CC presenters will be available … as soon as they do, there'll be links galore!

EngageMedia September Update

by Alexandra Crosby September 04, 2010
All our news from September + video highlights


Makassar Tour

From August 26 to August 31, EngageMedia toured to the city of Makassar, on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, with a series of workshops as well as a film screenings. The tour aimed to improve the video distribution and promotion skills of local activists and independent film makers. As the tour was held during Ramadhan, which is an important time for many Indonesians, EngageMedia staff and participants designed workshops that would work well during the fasting schedule ... more


EngageMedia Site Upgrade

EngageMedia.org has upgraded to the latest release of Plumi video sharing system, version 3.1. The upgrade brings a number of additional features and fixes, most importantly improvements to our "Callout" feature, better "transcoding" of videos and fixes to the Indonesian translation of the site ... more


EngageMedia at Open Video

An EngageMedia team is headed to New York in late September for the Open Video Conference and Open Subtitles Design Summit. Both events will bring together key players in their respective fields, with EngageMedia presenting in a range of sessions ... more

EngageMedia Open Strategy Workspace

We're opening up our strategic planning to you! If you've had an interest in our organisation, or perhaps you've participated in one of our workshops and events and would like to contribute to how we evolve, join us in our "Open Strategy Workspace"... more

EM experiments with Burnstation

EngageMedia is designing a new Burnstation system. The system will allow users to create DVDs of video content from Plumi sites for offline distribution. We have started building a prototype to test the concept ... more


Creative Commons Roadshow, Australia

Creative Commons Australia, a close associate of EngageMedia, invites you to their national conference 2.0. In the past Creative Commons Australia has held national conferences in Brisbane, where they are headquartered. This year they are taking ccAustralia to a city near you! EngageMedia's Andrew Garton spoke at the Melbourne event... more



Ilmu Festival in Jakarta

ILMU is a two day hip hop and electronic music festival bringing together some of Australia and Indonesia's finest music communities to be held September 18-21. ILMU has invited four established Australian artists (Urthboy, Ozi Batla, Elgusto & Luke Dubs) from hip hop label Elefant Traks to collaborate with the Indonesian hip hop community, including EngageMedia's Nova Ruth ... more


Groundwater Up
Tarini Manchanda's deliberations on the water supply in Delhi started when she was a little girl. In Groundwater Up she explores the complex causes of Delhi's current water crisis, and some possible solutions.

What are we doing here? T4RA Workshop @ SEL 49
Short video of EngageMedia's T4RA Climate Workshop in Jakarta. Participants included representatives from Javin, Greenpeace, Jatam, Air Putih, ProFauna and Forum Lenteng.

ADIDAS: Stop Wearing Us Out!
Suparjo made Adidas shoes for 8 years before losing his job for his participation in a union strike asking for better wages. Here he tells the story of why he has decided to take a stand.

EngageMedia starts a blog

by Andrew August 19, 2012

EngageMedia now has a blog. Watch this space, more coming soon.