Crossroads is a video advocacy initiative aimed at developing and strengthening the advocacy and documentation capacity of migrant workers, refugees and stateless persons and their support organisations.


In 2013, EngageMedia collaborated with MalaysiaKini's Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) to teach migrant rights activists video production and distribution skills.

Crossroads tells the stories of people who have chosen or been forced to leave their homes. These are not only stories of struggle in a foreign land, but also of resilience and hope for a better future.

The 12 videos in the collection feature the issues and reflections of migrant workers, refugees and stateless people in Malaysia. All the videos have been translated and subtitled through EngageMedia’s Lingua project into English, and are organised in five chapters according to the theme of migration they touch upon.

A Study Guide designed to give context to these videos for use in educational and advocacy purposes, and a DVD pack for screening high-quality versions of all 12 videos with English subtitles and a limited edition colour booklet were made available.

Get the toolkit

Download a PDF version of the Study Guide here. A high-resolution PDF is available here.
If you are interested about the DVD toolkit please contact us.


There are 13 videos available