Amos Calling: Journey and Struggle for Justice

by FX.Making September 04, 2013


In 2006, Amos Wainggai, along with 42 other Papuans crossed the sea on a small motor boat to seek asylum in Australia. In Melbourne, he seeks for justice in his homeland. Amos is now (26/8/13) en route to West Papua on the Freedom Flotilla boat.

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Duration 06:46
Producer Papuan Voices
Director FX Making
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Year produced 2013
Production Company Papuan Voices
Freedom Flotilla to West Papua
Freedom Flotilla to West Papua says:
September 25, 2013

Hi, great to see the English and Spanish subtitles are up on Amara! was going to do them so happy to see they already done! would you mind to put the video up on youtube or if we did that? so we can embed the video with subtitles by default in our site?

Enrico Aditjondro
Enrico Aditjondro says:
October 01, 2013

Go for it, folks!