How Dare You Say - Mayday 2011 Hong Kong

by terry narcissan August 10, 2012

They are with us in the struggles, they are with us in our homes, they are with us in all the labouring which built our city and what we have today. But when we finally managed to get a bit of bread crumbs, i.e. the minimum wage legislation in Hong Kong, from the rich and powerful, their part was not in our concern and we just let it passed. People still thinks that they are they and we are us, c'os they are only the migrants workers. But is that all they are? And do we know who we are? I'd say, before they and we became us, we will not be able to know how the answer should be voiced.

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Duration 06:19
Producer V-Artivist
Director migrant workers
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Year produced 2011
Production Company V-Artivist