Jangan Bilang Aku Gila! (Don't Call Me Crazy!)

by KIKIFEBRIYANTI — August 21, 2012

Suharto and Rufiana suffered from mental illness and became at one time inpatients of the special Islamic boarding school Al-Ghafur in Bondowoso, East Java. After declared fully cured, Rufiana got married and has a daughter now, while Suharto chooses to stay at Al-Ghafur and earns his living there. Yet, they are still to gain acceptance from their families, much less society.

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Duration 18:32
Producer Chandra Tanzil, Zakiah
Director Kiki Febriyanti
Contact write the producer
Website www.in-docs.org
Year produced 2008
Anonymous says:
August 31, 2010

Care to let me know the full address of this islamic boarding school Al-Ghafur in Bondowoso.

Kiki Febriyanti
Kiki Febriyanti says:
March 11, 2011

Hi, Al - Ghafur Islamic Boarding School address JL. Mastrip, Sukowiryo, Bondowoso, East Java - Indonesia.
You may send me an email to febriyanti.kiki@gmail.com.

Thanks for your attention,