Genjer Genjer (sung by Tika)

by EM News August 24, 2012

Despite Soeharto's propaganda, 'Genjer Genjer' is actually not the anthem of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), but about the hardship of lives during the Japanese occupation where food was scarce and genjer vegetable became an option for food. It was widely banned, but now it's making a comeback. Tika is an Indonesian folk singer who often performs the song with her group, Tika and the Dissidents. The writer of the song itself, Muhammad Arief, was killed for being a PKI sympathiser,

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Duration 03:51
Year produced 2010
Anonymous says:
October 01, 2010

I saw your very own Nova singing the same song. Have you got a video of that? Or how about the lyrics?

Anonymous says:
October 02, 2010

This song is also about connections (maybe solidarity) between women.... genjer is harvested by one woman, sold in the market, bought by another woman, cooked, and eaten with rice and meat... and the story is sung by another woman.... so life goes one. beautiful song! delicious vegetable!

alimander says:
October 02, 2010

also a good story about the song is here

yulianto suharyono
yulianto suharyono says:
January 09, 2011

kata orang lagu ini adalah lagu partai komunis indonesia.