Paradise Bus

by chi Too July 31, 2012

It takes the cutting of a few trees to help save an ancient rainforest. When Sep Galeva succesfully led his community in Lake Murray, Papua New Guinea to stop an illegal logging operation, they wanted to do something with the resources that they have. With the help of NGOs, they set up their own eco-forestry programme where they can do their own logging in a sustainable manner. See how it takes the cutting of a few trees to save an entire ancient rainforest.

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Duration 30:15
Producer chi too
Director chi too
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Year produced 2006
Production Company Kaleidoscope Pictures
mien says:
November 14, 2006

i'm a fan, you definitely have a gift to tell stories that make it relevant for all audience even if it's happended in far off islands. don't stop risking your neck doing activideos!!